Check out SATSCARD a new and improved OPENDIME!

The Bitcoin Credit Stick

The 1st Bitcoin Bearer Instrument or just call it a "Bitcoin Stick"

Opendime is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. Pass it along multiple times. Connect to any USB to check balance. Unseal anytime to spend online. Trust no one.

Multi-language user interface: 中文 • 日本語 • English • Portuguese • Français • Deutsch • Русский

Packed with Features

  • USB Drive

    Acts like a read-only USB flash drive. Works with any computer, laptop, or phone. A QR Image and Text files inside contain Bitcoin address and helpful information.

  • Ultra Secure

    The private key is generated inside the device, and is never known to any human, not even you!

  • Compatibility

    The Bitcoin world changes fast but Opendime is built on the fundamental Bitcoin features that haven't changed in five years.

  • No Trust

    Give an Opendime to anyone and they don't need to worry that you can take back the funds later. The private key is strictly in the device itself.

  • Free To Use

    This is physical Bitcoin as it was meant to be: just hand it to someone and they've got it. Pass it on multiple times! As simple as a handshake. No miner fees, no confirmation delays.

  • Open Standards

    Uses Bitcoin message signing, normal (non HD) bitcoin payment addresses and private keys in WIF format.

Decentralized Open Source Money

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Easy Verification Chrome Plugin

Installation instructions here.

Real Security

  • Based on Private Keys

    Each Opendime holds one private key. It publishes the public key (payment address) to anyone and never reveals the key until "unsealed".

  • Piggy-Bank Economics !?

    Yes. It's like a piggy-bank. You must destroy it to spend the funds. At first that seems expensive and wasteful, but it's a key part of our security model: you can trust a sealed Opendime, and it's obvious when it's been opened.

  • Instant and Off-Chain

    Since we are putting private keys into a physical form you can trust, you can simply hand around Opendime units to move amounts around. There are no pre-defined Bitcoin amounts with Opendime either. Store as much or as little as needed.

People Love Opendime


Since we joined the Bitcoin revolution in 2013, we've watched the growth of both physical Bitcoin "coins" and hardware wallets with interest. However, the existing options fall short of being a useful means to transact business. We built Opendime to be much more than a another hardware wallet or a physical bitcoin.

We feel that we've created whole new product category: disposable hardware wallets to be used as cash. We're really excited to see what people will do with this. Maybe we'll see whole new economies based on Opendime spring up! That might be a real godsend in some countries that struggle with limited network infrastructure and corrupt governmental systems.

This is just the beginning. We have no idea where it will go from here!

Get a few today so you can be there first!

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